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We at  “Eyes on the Truth” are excited about  bringing forth this website designed to provide information that will open your eyes to information that can support your spiritual growth.   We hope you  visit often, as we will bring new information each month.  Please join our member community  and obtain more detailed and focused information  in addition to monthly updates to public area on the website.


Our Mission: Eyes on the Truth  will strive to be a means of inspiration and hope in a world desperately searching for lasting peace.  Eyes on the Truth will be dedicated to serving you with information that will improve your life both spiritually and physically.

Eyes on The Truth Media Series


Video Links                         7/2012

Eyes on the Truth: A Shadow from the Heat  More

Eyes on the Truth: The Promise Seed             More

Eyes on the Truth: The Un-natural Way         More

Eyes on the Truth: An Unaltered Language    More

Voice of Health Articles

Our Purpose ....

Eyes on the Truth will be a informational site, it will provide spiritual teachings from the Holy Scripture that have been hidden for thousands of years.  Eyes on the Truth will invest it’s time and efforts into restoring the Holy Scripture, as the only instruction that can heal the problems we encounter in our homes, communities, and nation. We will provide instruction and information that can be used to raise your children, teach your congregation and to guide world leaders to establish a Government of  true  justice and peace.   

As a vital part of Eyes on the Truth, the Voice of Health is designed to provide, for you, the Creators’ Guide for Better Health. The Voice of Health will inform you of hidden and beneficial ways to improve your life, health and overall well being.

Inspired Writings                  10/2012  

A Desolating Abomination          More

The Lights in Heaven will be Darken  12/2012                                                                                        12/2012

***New Book Release ***

Crowned with Holiness      03/2013


The Madad Restoring the Ancient Landmarks Part 1     4/26/2015

The Madad Restoring the Ancient Landmarks Part I      7/26/2015  

The Zevach Shelem:Yahweh’s Peace Offering for Lasting Peace in the Middle East   !!!New Proposal!!!!                              4/4/2017         

Third Temple in Yerusalem revised march 14.mp4

The Third Temple in Yerusalem Walk Through Video. Take a tour inside the prophesied Temple to be rebuilt in this generation. !!New Video!!! !!Click below on the Menorah!! 3/19/2016

***New Audio- Inspired Teachings***

Click here to Listen to Spiritual Truth Hidden in the Holy Writ..3/25/2017..**Click Here**